Digital Marketing can amplify your brand more than each individual could do separately.

Digital marketing offers a plethora of options and platforms to reach any kind of audience. We are backed by years of experience in our planning to know what would work for you and what wouldn’t, so that your advertising spend will be put in the right places for the best fit and results.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. All great things begin with a plan – one that takes into account all factors and circumstances, as well as the most all-rounded strategy to success. An integrated marketing plan that is created with the big picture in mind, comprising cross-channel marketing, can sky rocket your business beyond your expectation.

Display Advertising

Simply put, display advertising is where you use spaces on other websites to display your wares – banners, videos, animations and more. The largest of the display networks, the Google Display Network, covers over 2 million websites and mobile apps.

We drive your ads to the most suitable placements through various targeting types so that you attract the right eyeballs. Take your pick of the placements available, from premium publisher sites to programmatic buys. The array of targeting options available helps to deliver your ads to the right audience with precision and high cost-effectiveness.

Also new on the block is inbox marketing, where text and image ads are able to be placed natively in Gmail inboxes. New day, new ways of advertising! Hit us to know the latest and coolest ad forms you never knew you needed.

Email Marketing

We are strong believers of email marketing as a relevant way to maintain relationships with new and loyal customers alike. These are the people who want to listen to you and know your latest news, and are already connected. It remains one of the top mode of communication in customer loyalty programmes. Enough said. Make your Email marketing the stand-out among the pile with our dynamic and responsive template designs tailored for your email campaign or newsletter.

Hand the menial task of managing your databases and email blasting to us. We ensure test blasts are satisfactory to you before the actual blasting. With a dedicated Email system, we are able to efficiently manage your regular email campaigns and deliver the results and statistics.

Media Planning & Buying

Talk to us, and we will analyse the channels in which you should put your budget, as well as the right kind of targeting and optimization for your campaign. Before, during and post-campaign, we deliver insights and reports of your ad performance to improve your current campaign as well as the next. Cover all the bases of paid, owned and earned media when we help you craft and implement a media plan.


Never leave search out of your advertising budget or you’ll be missing out a prime slice of your target audience. The people who search already has a need that they are actively looking to fulfill, and you want to be first in line. Studies have shown that majority hardly looks past the first results page, so you better ensure you are ranked there, by hook (SEO) or by crook (SEM)!

SEO is the organic ranking of websites via a series of weighted criteria, ranging from relevance of content to mobile optimisation. A good SEO ranking lends credibility to your site and brand, as search users trust the top organic results to be top in relevance and market leadership.

SEM is the paid ranking through a bidding system. Relevance and bid price for keywords are both key to good ranking. LeeveOn Branding helps you to curate your keyword list and optimize your bidding process for the best ranking at the lowest prices.