We are not just goal oriented,
we are result oriented.

A thriving company, a better Africa.


LeeveOn Branding is a Branding, Print and Web development Company operating in Lagos, Nigeria.

100% client satisfaction is the goal we hold above all others.

Our in-house team of brand analysts, web designers & developers, video producers, and graphic designers uphold the highest standards for project planning and execution, and we’re dedicated to building the perfect solution on-time and on-budget.

Excellence, originality, quality and Class is our drive, because we believe that our clients deserve the best.

A thriving company, a better Africa.



LeeveOn Branding believes, every project requires total concentration, passion, expertise, creativity and research.

Our clients are our first priority; we give our focus on details.


At LeeveOn Branding we believe creativity sets the line which involves hours of brain storming and idea generation.

Our works are based on creative inputs of the entire team, geared towards wowing our clients.


We are not just goal oriented; we are result oriented.

We believe results defines our worth and work.

Excellent result, excellent brand.

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